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Wireshark (64-bit)
Wireshark - Free Software
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Network protocol analyzer able to perform deep inspection of any network traffic flowing through your computer. Powerful tool that is able to parse and inspect hundreds of different network protocols, with more being added all the time.

Wireshark can captured and view packets live, and the data can be easily analyzed through the GUI. Powerful filters can be applied to the stream, to select only the network data of interest. Read and export multiple well supported network capture file formats, such as tcpdump, Pcap NG, Cisco Secure IDS iplog, Microsoft Network Monitor, and others.

Data captured through Wireshark can be colored coded for easy reading, and output can be exported to XML, PostScript, CSV, or plain text. Many encoded network protocols can be decrypted, such as IPsec, Kerberos, SSL/TLS, WEP, and WPA/WPA2. Use Wireshark to capture data from Ethernet, 801.11, Bluetooth, USB, Frame Relay, and others.

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