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System and Benchmarking
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Use CCleaner to clean your PC of temporary files, registry keys, and other data to un-clutter your computer and protect your privacy. After running CCleaner, your computer will be...
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Defraggler can defrag your entire harddrive or just individual files, allowing your computer to access your software and files quicker, adding a noticeable speed up to your PC.
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Use CPU-Z to view hardware information about your system. Find detailed information about your CPU, mainboard, memory, and graphics card.
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GPU-Z provides information about your video card, in much the same way as CPU-Z. So simple to use, there is no installation required, and no documentation is needed to use it.
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Find out the FPS (frames per second) in PC games using Fraps. You can also use Fraps to capture screenshots and videos, and use it to benchmark your FPS.
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System info tool for your PC, find out what's inside your computer with this advanced tool. Speccy will give you detailed specifics of every piece of hardware inside your computer...
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