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GPU-Z provides information about your video card, in much the same way as CPU-Z. So simple to use, there is no installation required, and no documentation is needed to use it.

Although the name is similar to CPU-Z, they are unaffiliated with each other. GPU-Z also takes the same approach as CPU-Z towards being simple, clean, and easy to use. The user interface is also very similar, so users of CPU-Z will be right at home.

GPU-Z gives some very detailed information on your graphics card. There is a Sensors tab that will graph out the GPU temperature, fan speed and RPM, power consumption, even the GPU load and memory currently in use. You will be able to see if your GPU supports OpenCL, CUDA, PhysX, or DirectCompute, and of course the DirectX support. Use GPU-Z to backup the BIOS of your graphics card. Using GPU-Z, you can even find how many transistors your graphics chip has.

Screenshot of GPU-ZScreenshot of GPU-ZScreenshot of GPU-ZScreenshot of GPU-ZScreenshot of GPU-Z
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