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Google Chrome
Google Chrome
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Chrome is a web browser released by Google in 2008, and is built from the WebKit rendering engine which results in a lightweight, fast to launch, and quick application.

Chrome differentiates itself from other web browsers by being minimalist and simple. The key strength of Chrome is the application performance and Javascript processing speed, which independent tests have benchmarked as raising the bar as well as many users praising the speed of the browser.

The first browser to implement and popularize a universal browser search and address bar, dubbed the OmniBar, Google Chrome has become a trend setter in the web browser space, earning a healthy market share.

The web standards support of Chrome are exceptional, which means that pages will look correct on your screen when you are using Chrome. Another area of accomplishment is the security of the Chrome web browser, with the only vulnerabilities being plug-in based. Also, you will find malicious domains and downloaded files are blocked. Chrome is also stable even when a page crashes, with each tab running in it's own task, you will not have to close everything if only one page goes haywire.

Screenshot of Google ChromeScreenshot of Google ChromeScreenshot of Google ChromeScreenshot of Google ChromeScreenshot of Google ChromeScreenshot of Google Chrome
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