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Use CPU-Z to view hardware information about your system. Find detailed information about your CPU, mainboard, memory, and graphics card.

CPU-Z's detection engine is able to find the name and number of your central processing unit, as well as the core stepping, package, voltage, clock speed and multiplier, cache info, and supported intruction sets.

Also within CPU-Z, find your motherboard vendor and model, BIOS version and date, and chipset information. View the memory configuration of your system, including size, type, number of channels, frequency, and latencies of each memory module in the motherboard. Finally, the graphics tab displays the name, code name, process technology, core/shader/memory clocks, and size and type of memory of your graphics card(s).

CPU-Z is a small, simple, easy to understand application that will open up a familiar and clean dialog box with all of this information right in front of you.

Screenshot of CPU-ZScreenshot of CPU-ZScreenshot of CPU-ZScreenshot of CPU-ZScreenshot of CPU-ZScreenshot of CPU-ZScreenshot of CPU-Z
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