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FireFox is a web browser built by the Mozilla Foundation and is one of the top web browsers in use. The latest version of FireFox includes faster start-up times, quicker page load...
Google ChromeGoogle Chrome
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Chrome is a web browser released by Google in 2008, and is built from the WebKit rendering engine which results in a lightweight, fast to launch, and quick application.
Java Runtime EnvironmentJava Runtime Environment
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Java Runtime Environment is a secure computing environment which gives you the ability to run Java based applications. Java allows you to play games, communicate with people, calc...
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Opera web browser free of charge, widely supported and feature-rich. Opera includes tabbed browsing, zooming, gestures, a download manager, malware/phishing protection, and most o...
Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer
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Internet Explorer is a web browser from Microsoft. Popular browser used by a large percentage of internet users, IE has been in use since the early years of the World Wide Web.
Adobe Shockwave PlayerAdobe Shockwave Player
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Shockwave is a powerful media browser plug-in that allows you to view web content such as rich interactive games. Although often confused, Adobe Shockwave differs from Adobe Flash...
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