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Wireshark 2.0.4 (32-bit)
Wireshark - Free Software
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# Vulnerabilities fixed:

- The SPOOLS dissector could go into an infinite loop. Discovered by the CESG.

- The IEEE 802.11 dissector could crash.

- The IEEE 802.11 dissector could crash. Discovered by Mateusz Jurczyk.

- The UMTS FP dissector could crash.

- Some USB dissectors could crash. Discovered by Mateusz Jurczyk.

- The Toshiba file parser could crash. Discovered by iDefense Labs.

- The CoSine file parser could crash. Discovered by iDefense Labs.

- The NetScreen file parser could crash. Discovered by iDefense Labs.

- The Ethernet dissector could crash.

# Bugs fixed:

- Saving pcap capture file with ERF encapsulation creates an invalid pcap file.

- Questionable calling of Ethernet dissector by encapsulating protocol dissectors.

- Wireshark 1.12.0 does not dissect HTTP correctly.

- Don’t copy details of hidden columns.

- RTP audio player crashes.

- Crash when saving RTP audio Telephony→RTP→RTP Streams→Analyze→Save→Audio.

- Edit - preferences - add column field not showing dropdown for choices.

- Using in a filter can cause a crash. (Bug 12335)

- Crash in SCCP dissector UAT (Qt UI only).

- J1939 frame without data = malformed packet ?

- The stream number in tshark’s "-z follow,tcp,<stream number>" option is 0-origin rather than 1-origin.

- IP Header Length display filter should show calculated value.

- Multiple file radio buttons should be check boxes.

- Wrong check for getaddrinfo and gethostbyname on Solaris 11.

- ICMPv6 dissector doesn’t respect actual packet length.

- Format DIS header timestamp mm:ss.nnnnnn.

- RTP Stream Analysis can no longer be sorted in 2.0.3.

- RTP Stream Analysis fails to complete in 2.0.3 when packets are sliced.

- Network-Layer Name Resolution uses first 32-bits of IPv6 DNS address as IPv4 address in some circumstances.

- BACnet decoder incorrectly flags a valid APDU as a "Malformed Packet".

- Valid ISUP messages marked with warnings.

- Profile command line switch "-C" not working in Qt interface.

- MRCPv2: info column not showing info correctly.

- Diameter: Experimental result code 5142.

- Tshark crashes when analyzing RTP due to pointer being freed not allocated.

- NFS: missing information in getattr for supported exclusive create attributes.

- Ethernet type field with a value of 9100 is shown as "Unknown".

- Documentation does not include support for Windows Server 2012 R2.

- Column preferences ruined too easily.

- SMB Open andX extended response decoded incorrectly.

- SMB NtCreate andX with extended response sometimes incorrect.

- Viewing NFSv3 Data, checking SRTs doesn’t work.

- Make wireshark with Qt enabled buildable on ARM.

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