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Winamp 5.666 Full Build 3516 for PC Windows
Nullsoft - Free Software
16.37 MB

Media player that can play MP3 files and other music, and video files as well. A lot of features for organizing your media library are included, with a fully customizable skinning system and visual effect graphics.

Winamp is popular with the skinning and modding community which provides a lot of cool skins that can be applied to the media player. There are a plethora of so called "Visualizations" that you can load into Winamp that will turn your music listening experience into a visual one as well.

The playlist can be organized into albums and genres, with randomized shuffling. Winamp also allows you to rate songs while you are listening to them so you can later have your playlist go through and only play the songs that you like. All of these features make Winamp a top application download enjoyed by a large population.

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