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Azureus Software, Inc. - Free Software
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# New Features:

* Core | Relocate MOOV atoms to front of mp4 files for streaming

* Core | Allow specification of IP address restriction for device content availability

* Core | Grab <torrent> entities from RSS feed if present

* Plug | Rate limit download speeds when play-now active to avoid disk contention

* UI | Add 'Play Now' column for streaming

# Changes:

* UI | Added visual indication to first level menu for auto-device xcode selection

* UI | Support drag-n-drop onto classic share view

# Corrected bugs:

* Core | Fix rare case where torrent at top of queue doesn't start & one later in the queue continues to download

* Core | Fix case where certain non-ASCII chars were causing metasearch config bloat

* Core | Fix incorrect handling of reload of upnpav plugin resulting in xcodes disappearing until restart

* Plug | Restore AV 'scanning' spinner icon

* UI | Fix missing columns in "New" view

* UI | Fix drag indicator when prioritizing torrents in Library

* UI | Fix case where certain non-ASCII categories were causing azureus.config to bloat

* UI | Fix cases where Web Search wasn't opening results in external browser

* UI | Fix incorrect toolbar selection when in files view

* UI | Fix incorrect handing of devices set to 'never transcode'

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