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Azureus Software, Inc. - Free Software
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# New Features:

* UI | Native search results view.

* UI | Native subscription results view.

* UI | Search results now show if result already in Vuze where possible.

* UI | Column Setup dialog now has a filter box.

* UI | Sharing Progress popups can now be suppressed.

* UI | New Files View column to show entire file path.

* UI | Option to switch to Tag Settings view after tag creation to allow customization.

* UI | Quick 'notification view' added to the Plugin Bar (Top Bar).

* UI | Plugin bar now has right-click menu to select the sub-views of interest.

* UI | Sound/speech notifications added to notifications.

* UI | Option added to create a notification when a download added to/removed from a tag.

* UI | Option added to create a notification when a subscription has new results.

* UI | Added size column to download history.

* UI | Sidebar subscriptions menu option to update all manually.

- Core | Added search option to always route through a proxy.

- Core | Search templates now support full cookies.

- Core | New isError tag constraint.

- Core | Extended tag execute-on-assign actions to include pause and resume.

- Core | Added some time-related tag constraint expressions to support time-based automatic tag assignment.

- Core | Support for anonymous updating.

- Core | New tag removal policy of 'move to old tag' .

# Changes:

* UI | Recent SWT updates require minimum of Java 8 - introduced Java version specific updates.

* UI | Keep track of custom colors and pass existing to color-chooser dialog.

* UI | Added colors to the tags in open-torrent-options.

* UI | Auto-select newly created tags in open-torrent-options and handle deletion better.

* UI | Warn when re-targeting to a file of different size.

* UI | Brazilian Portuguese translation update.

* UI | Spanish translation update.

* UI | Relative dates now have 'ago' added.

* UI | Java options editing now available for OSX.

- Core | Various optimizations such as StringBuffer->StringBuilder.

- Core | Support as/xs in magnet links.

- Core | Automatic JVM memory increase now more aggressive.

- Core | Explicitly check if SSL certificates are trusted as relying on the Java runtime to do it sometimes results in excess prompts.

- Core | Prevent erroneous attempt to auto-remove non-persistent downloads from tags.

# Corrected Bugs:

* UI | Fix restoration of tag views in classic UI.

* UI | Scope display for tag add/remove was broken.

* UI | Changes to ip-filter from privacy tab were not being recorded.

* UI | Handle invalid DPI.

* UI | Column-reset was broken for All Peers view.

- Core | Don't auto-import torrents for archived downloads.

- Core | Large web-page responses broke strict clients by returning incorrect content-length.

- Core | Handle chunked transfer-encoding.

- Core | Initial download for new subscriptions not always occurring.

- Core | Handler network interface enumeration exception during initialization.

- Core | Reduce opportunity for blocking when searching at startup.

- Core | Support bigger maximum piece sizes.

- Core | Don't attempt to apply tag constraints when Vuze is closing.

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