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VLC Media Player
VLC Media Player 2.2.3 (32-bit)
VideoLAN - Free Software
29.09 MB

# Demux:

* Fix HLS quality selection and a potential stack overflow

* Fix potential MKV infinite loop and improve MKV tags support

* Fix WMV regression

# Decoder:

* Fix hardware decoding with libvdpau-va-gl

* Fix crashes with libvpx

* Use libass without caching dialog

# Video Ouptut:

* Fix green lines on Direct3D output

# Skins2:

* Fix maximizing Window in multi-screen context

# Qt:

* Fix resume where you left off

* Fix infinite recursion in the customize dialog

* Fix size when switching to/from the minimal interface

* Fix size after resume toolbar is displayed

# MacOS X:

* Fix crashes in media information panel

* Correctly respect the disable-screensaver option

# Win32:

* Allow opening more than 15 elements in Explorer

# Translations:

* Update of most translations

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