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Sandboxie 5.16
Sandboxie - Free Software
8.56 MB

- Fixed Windows 10 build 14942 "SBIE2205 Service not implemented: SetWindowLong8"

- Fixed Windows 10-64 build 14965 "SBIE1222 Error with security token: (C00000BB / 35)"

- Fixed Windows 10-32 build 14971 "SBIE1222 Error with security token: (C0000058 / 62)"

- Fixed incompatibility with latest Nvidia drivers & DirectX.

- guard64.dll added to templates.ini for Comodo.

- In Win 8.1-32, and 10-32, UAC was always checked and grayed in Run Any Program start.exe dialog box.

- Added OpenWinClass=SWFlash_PlaceHolderX to fix Flash failure to start on some videos.

- Fixed certificate revocation check error

- Temporary files are no longer created with copy/paste

- SbieCtrl now gets Sandboxie updates via https.

- ActivIdentity (and other manufacturers') secure smart cards (CAC) are now supported

- Fixed BSOD that can occur if your license has expired and you are using MS Office ClickToRun.

- Added "Always on Top" option to SbieCtrl View menu. This will keep the SbieCtrl window as the top-most window.

- Fixed elevated installer failure introduced in 5.14.

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8.56 MB
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