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Recuva 1.53.1087 for PC Windows
Piriform - Free Software
5.31 MB

Recuva is a file recovery tool used to recover files that have been deleted. Scan any writable media for files to be undeleted, even if the drive has been formatted or damaged. Some files are not possible to be recovered, but Recuva will still list the files and give you an estimate on the recoverability of them.

By default, Recuva will scan a drive in just a few seconds and list all of the possible deleted files. There is also a more thorough scan that can be done, to find those files that may have been missed by the quick scanner. Recuva will perform a slower deep scan of the drive and uncover even more deleted files that you are missing.

There are times that you may actually want to delete a file forever, such as if you have important confidential files that you do not want anyone to be able to find and access. You can use Recuva to securely delete files forever, simply use the Secure Overwrite feature on an individual file and you can rest assured that no recovery software will be able to recover that file.

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