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Rainlendar 2.8 Beta 96
Rainlendar - Free Software
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- If all windows and the tray icon were hidden the warning dialog wasn't shown in the startup. Fixed.

- The event's alarm is now set no matter which method is used in Google calendar (previously only 'alert' methods were supported).

- Network shared calendar used the same authentication method as the proxy which could prevent the connection. Proxy uses now always basic auth.

- The debug log contains now also the debug output from curl.

- The tray icon is not removed anymore on Linux when it is being updated.

- Added "todayevents" item for the xml skin format which can define the appearance of the events which are on the current day.

- The start and end times for multiday events are shown from 0:00 to 23:59 on the intermediate days.

- Url buttons didn't work on Mac build. Fixed.

- Added a variable for the all day area height in the schedule views.

- It's now possible to delete all the following recurring events in the delete confirmation dialog.

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