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Rainlendar 2.6
Rainlendar - Free Software
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o Windows with edit controls moved incorrect place on Linux if copy transparency was used. Fixed.

o The status field didn't work for Outlook tasks. Fixed.

o Some monthly recurring events which spanned across the year end were not shown correctly. Fixed.

o QuickAdd didn't always set the year correctly. Fixed.

o If "Disable keyboard shortcuts" is enabled the menu shortcuts are not shown in the context menu,

o Grouping events in the event list showed items twice if they defined a start time. Fixed.

o Added #DATE# as the substitute for the buttons in the lists. The substituted date is a string in format YYYYMMDD.

o Tooltips were not shown in the correct position for the url icons. Fixed.

o Alarms are removed from the events with RECURRENCE-ID property because they set as read-only.

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