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Pidgin 2.12.0
Pidgin - Free Software
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Fix an out of bounds memory read in purple_markup_unescape_entity.

Fix use of uninitialised memory if running non-debug-enabled versions of glib Updated AIM dev and dist ID's to new ones that were assigned by AOL.

TLS certificate verification now uses SHA-256 checksums.

Fixed SASL external auth for Freenode.

Removed the MSN protocol plugin. It has been unusable and dormant for some time. MSNP18 has been discontinued and the protocol plugin would require a large update to start working again. The third-party Pidgin SkypeWeb plugin, however, should provide enough functionality as a replacement if people still want to use MSN:

Removed Mxit protocol plugin. The service was closed at the end of September 2016. See

Removed the MySpaceIM protocol plugin. The service has been defunct for a long time.

Remove the Yahoo! protocol plugin. Yahoo has completely reimplemented their protocol, so this version is no longer operable as of August 5th, 2016: A new protocol plugin has been written to support the new protocol. This also removes support for Yahoo! Japan. According to

Remove the Facebook (XMPP) account option. According to ended April 30th, 2015. A new protocol plugin has been written, using a different method, to support Facebook.

Fixed gnutls certificate validation errors that mainly affected google (Dequis)


Replaced instances of with and updated the urls to use https.


Fixed issue of messages being silently cut off at 500 characters. Large messages are now split into parts and sent one by one.

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