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Opera 56.0.3051.99
Opera Software - Free Software
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Opera web browser free of charge, widely supported and feature-rich. Opera includes tabbed browsing, zooming, gestures, a download manager, malware/phishing protection, and most other features typical of a modern web browser.

Over 300 million users worldwide are using the Opera web browser, with localization to over 60 languages and locales. With Opera, nearly any aspect of the web browser can be controlled through keyboard shortcuts and there is a strong commitment to accessibility for users with visual or motor impairments.

Web standards are well supported in Opera, achieving a 100/100 rating on the Acid3 test. Reception of the Opera browser by critics is very positive, but the relatively small market share of Opera means that some websites do not render properly because they have not been optimized with Opera in mind. Recent versions of Opera have abandoned their own Presto rendering engine in favor of other technologies.

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