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Opera 10.10 Beta 1 (Build 1833)
Opera Software - Free Software
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User Interface


* Opera Unite Messenger application to initial Opera Unite applications

* Access to <img /> attribute longdesc="..." URLs via an "Image Description" context menu item

- Enables opening long descriptions of images marked up with longdesc attributes

* Opera Portal as feed provider

* New dialog box for "Advanced Settings" providing more options for:

- Setting UPnP and alternate ports

- Upload speed

- Application visibility (hiding your applications from search engines or other Opera Unite application pages)

* Disallow search engines to index Opera Unite by default

* Disabled advanced settings button if "disabled" is selected

* All Opera Unite applications now use the new Yusef library

* Opera Unite attention state identifier (brown dot): appears in the Opera Unite icon (on the status bar) when new Opera Unite users join the local network


* Support for discovered devices

* Invalid Opera Unite device names are no longer saved

* Implemented better Opera Unite application deletion control

* Moving an Opera Unite application to Trash now warns about stopping the application

* Special characters no longer allowed to be set as the address for an Opera Unite application

* Opera Unite status dialog box is now available from the Opera Unite icon menu

* UPnP service discovery defaults to a state of "on"

* "Remember my password" now enabled by default in Login dialog box

* Global visibility options not being saved when enabling Opera Unite

* Advanced settings are now disabled when choosing to upgrade an application

* Enhanced local application discovery

* Separate error console messages for Opera Link and Opera Unite

* Time interval for the default Opera update check

* Changed the Systray icon to show an Opera Unite notification icon

* Changed the Opera Unite attention icon


* Naming of Opera Unite "services" to Opera Unite "applications"

* Removed "Do you want to start Unite now?" dialog when you first click on a Unite application


* Starting Opera Unite Home

* 'Empty Trash' action in Opera Unite is now disabled when Trash is empty

* Opera Unite panel to open when an application is installed in all cases

* Setting a shared Opera Unite image as a Speed Dial background

* Ensured that Opera Unite applications cannot manage each other

* Problems when running multiple instances of the same Opera Unite application

* Application deletion warning showing after dragging an Opera Unite application to Trash

* Removed the "Ok" button from the Opera Unite download dialog box

* Local cookies not being listed in site preferences cookie tab

* Storing the username even though password is not stored

* Logging out and logging in with a different username

* The "Restart Opera Unite" option in startup dialog

* Remember password not being enabled by default

* An application description tooltip showing in the panel

* Opera Unite status dialog losing the status text selection on status update

* Adding the device name to an error message

* Starting an Opera Unite application when Opera Unite is not running

* Issues with the Opera Unite Home, Media Player, and Photo Sharing applications

* Activity feeds for improved Opera Unite Fridge application usability

* Upgrade from an Opera build without Opera Unite to a build with Opera Unite not adding the Opera Unite status icon

* Issue when upgrading from an older Opera Unite build

* Multiple dialogs showing when deleting several Opera Unite applications

* Opera Link and Opera Unite buttons being duplicated in a customized toolbar

* Speed shortcut not working when number of the last Speed Dial slot is entered in the Address bar

* Enabling Opera Turbo for the first time not showing the Opera Turbo information page

* The attention state indicator in Opera Unite not updating

* Synchronizing more than 9 Speed Dials

* Problem when trying to open a .pdf file

* Problem when selecting "Search in Web" from the Address Bar

* Opera Unite problem when closing Opera

* Custom changes to operaprefs not included when upgrading from an Opera version older than Opera 10

* Issue when dragging an Opera Unite application into a folder

* Sometimes not using the specificed device name from opera:config

* Opera Unite not opening when starting for the first time

* Double-clicking an application in the Opera Unite panel opens a new tab

* Installing a local Opera Unite application "moves" the archive instead of it being "copied"

* Several BitTorrent issues

* Panel Bar opening as default when starting Opera for the first time

* Speed Dial configuration issue

* Minimizing the Opera Autoupdate dialog box when the Status Bar is disabled

* Problem viewing SVG source markup

* Issue when updating a Speed Dial entry while "Work Offline" is enabled

* Issue when clicking "Download and install" in Opera Autoupdate dialog box

* Problem when opening a downloaded Widget

* List of closed tabs not being shown without numerous clicks

Mail, News, Chat


* New mailto URL with utf-8 support

* New style for "no message selected"


* Signature handling


* E-mails appearing in different views

* Viewing sent IMAP messages creating draft copies in 'List only' display mode

* E-mail address corruption when no space is placed after quote or name

* Issue when adding an attachement

* Automatic re-joining of channels

* Zoom box in the e-mail compose page

* Seeing which mail is selected when focus is placed on the mail body

* Some encoding problems in the Opera Mail error dialog box

* F2 dialog in Opera Mail view opens page in a background tab

* Styling of "No message selected"

Display and scripting


* The new Web Fonts API

* New preference for enabling and disabling UPnP service discovery

* Implemented sharedPath() and unsharePath() in the DOM

* Issue causing the simultaneous opening of multiple pop-ups


* UPnP service discovery event handling


* Enabling UPnP service discovery by default

* Disabled devices not being removed from discovered devices list during UPnP service discovery

* Downloadable webfont in page being used to render browser chrome/user interface



* Private key authentication for UPnP service discovery



* Visibility of Opera Unite users on a local network

* Reconnection to proxy after stopping and starting Opera Unite

* Setting an "OK" status on proxy reconnect

* Web Server application issue when UPnP service is disabled

* Preventing every device but the first to notify the correct opened port to the proxy

* Ensured that cookies are sent when connecting directly to a Unite service

* Windows firewall exception not being created for Opera Unite Web Server application

* Opera not connecting to proxy if the router does not respond to UPnP M-SEARCH



* Added further updates from the translators

* Enabled detection of IP changes


* UPnP service discovery

* Changed default installation path for Opera 10.10


* Rejection of Applications with servicepath starting in "_"

* In Yandex, incorrect spelling of search engine name in Russian, Ukrainian

* Issue of 100% CPU usage fixed by preventing and avoiding the filling up of message loop

* Version information copyright string

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