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NSIS 3.03
Nullsoft - Free Software
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Nullsoft Scriptable Install System is a tool to create Windows install programs. NSIS includes everything needed to create a easy and robust deployment of your software.

Because NSIS is scripting language based, any possible installer can be created. Web installers, shared components, and more. Use the scripting system to communicate with the operating system or other software components as well. Because NSIS is open source and community based, many user created scripts are available online for you to use and learn from.

NSIS prides itself on small footprints and file sizes. The program itself is very lean and efficient. When compiling your installer, multiple compression methods can be chosen to compress your software distribution to reduce download time for your users. The overhead added to your software is only a few kilobytes.

Other features include multiple language support, install wizards, multiple install configurations/options, license agreements, uninstall support, checksum verification, silent install mode, destination directory auto detection, and more.

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