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mIRC 7.47
mIRC Co. Ltd. - Free Software
2.61 MB

- Fixed treeview display of text being chopped with certain fonts.

- Fixed URL hotlink and catcher bugs that prevented extraction of short URLs.

- Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.2j library.

- Extended /drawpic and other features to support .jpeg extension.

- Reverted changes to $calc() decimal digits in floating point calculations.

- Updated About dialog to use Windows theme.

- Changed op/ignore/protect/voice commands to maintain position of item in list.

- Extended hotlink and catcher to allow underscores in addresses.

- Updated to TagLib 1.11.1 library.

- Updated CA root certificates cacert.pem file.

- Fixed /protect not using network parameter correctly.

- Fixed $modespl not allowing larger server-set values.

- Fixed $int() bug when rounding some negative values.

- Fixed $com().result not trimming trailing zeros in float values.

- Fixed $wrap() not updating wrapped text if case has changed.

- Fixed hash table bug that resulted in intermittent gpfs.

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2.61 MB
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