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LibreOffice 5.0.2 RC 2
The Document Foundation - Free Software
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- Open a file in a mounted WebDAV drive and LibreOffice asks for user and password

- Writer fails to open correct ODT file from WebDAV share

- Writer text table rows can't be resized (with disabled rulers)

- Tab type switcher in ruler does not clear previous icon when clicking it

- UI: The case of the disappearing zoom slider

- rendercontext: blinking cursor is drawn directly

- EDITING: Undo of Drag&Drop with annotation/comment object causes crash

- GL / area fill scaling issue.

- gestureLongPress cores being passed a NULL frame

- cache binary compiled versions of shaders

- odd text rendering artifacts in slideshow

- crash on chart insert

- gltf rendering timer is far too fast

- OpenGLContext - ref-counted and manually managed

- Some 3D OpenGL transitions don't work in GL mode

- horrible flickering on window resize

- EDITING: Calc sort crashes

- Gratuitous GL context switching

- mis-use of legacy GL contexts

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