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LibreOffice 5.0.0 Beta 3
The Document Foundation - Free Software
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# Bugs fixed :

- gbuild: document what CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS etc. *actually* do

- do not convert ooxml preset shape modifier values

- "Jan1, 2015" is a valid date

- CRASH - Calc Insert Columns Left

- SIGSEGV on toolkit bootstrap without running instance

- remove confusing description for function WEEKDAY

- AutoCorrect: fix not immediately replacement of Emoji :short_names:

- form controls and draw objects

- form controls and draw objects

- do not interrupt search in Impress and Draw.

- improve Sifr

- DOCX import: don't delay text frame conversion of in-header tables

- use SelectHdl instead of ClickHdl

- additional work on the formatting and draw toolbar

- DOCX import: handle table margin when converting floattables

- ORowSetBase::getRow handles insert row correctly

- DrawingML export fix

- postit layout not available in print preview mode

- adjusting some text entries and rearranging and removing others

- secondary pool set to that of temp docs drawing layers

- bad text spacing on OS X

- fix default sdr attribute is special object.

- impress: hide common task toolbar in master view

- rearranging the lower half of slide transition tab

- avoid naming two distinct buttons the same…

- toolbar|sidebar button for text background colour

- fix display names for hicontrast and tango_testing

- missing actions from toolbar

- if no font has 0x202F fallback to a normal space

- numberingChange feature not available in writer

- allow the options color page to load/save palettes

- read icon theme from the config when called too early.

- don't hide+show window before initial show completes

- RTF import: fix \colsx default value

- related: ignore empty shape handles struct

- secondary pool set to that of temp docs drawing layers

- breeze: StartCenter new icons according to

- reset group area listeners when splitting group

- remove SfxFieldUnit enum

- i18npool: fix crash in Thai break iterator

- add table insert uno commands to menu bar and fix labels

- shrink the properties sidebar sections in Calc

- sw: ODF import: ignore invalid gradient-name if style SOLID

- toggle out of paste-mode on editing an object

- don't overwrite comments in ScTable::FillFormulaVertical

- import spreadsheetML cells with inline formatting tags

- svx: avoid unconditional SdrObject -> SdrObjCustomShape static_cast

- tweak fix a bit, turns out xmloff was also passing empty URL

- set Cell Background Color in Table Broken in Writer 5.0

- add Venetian [vec-IT] locale data

- fix Writer crash

- cleanup - textboxes extending beyond the page

- reset the PrinterController during dispose.

- invalidate only individual menu items to render highlight.

- fix a couple of animation related lifecycle issues.

- EDITING: Crash when deleting header

- avoid post-dispose charmap crasher.

- VclPtr: crash after tool options and sidebar switching

- no wrtshell during initial layout

- check if the item position is valid

- fix some incorrectly allocated VirtualDevices.

- "Jan1, 2015" is a valid date

- CRASH - Calc Insert Columns Left

- fix DX canvas - missed by VclPtr / Clang plugin.

- do not convert ooxml preset shape modifier values

- fix post-dispose focus issue in color window.

- breeze: fix and add Calc InsertXBeforeAfter icons

- rename uno commands in toolbar xml and fix icons

- fix infinite invalidation loop

- MenuBarHighlightTextColor should default to MenuHighlightTextColor

- convert links in help/about to https

- fix macro editor - Invalidate in paint

- CONDITIONAL FORMATTING: Crash on select Icon Set from dialog

- cleanup AnyRefDialog VclPtr's with an explicit dispose method.

- dispose SfxControllerItem member.

- hopefully fixes the issue by painting immediately

- writer crash using Gallery icon in sidebar

- related: line box width cannot be changed

- TABLE DESIGN window menu option Close causes BASE to crash

- CRASH: when "My Macros & Dialogs Standard" window close

- fix unique_ptr conversion bugs in reportdesign.

- initialize charmap when selecting in SvxShowCharSet

- WRITER crashes when navigating through comments

- sw: prevent recursive layout crash

- dispose chart data-table entries correctly.

- avoid -1 string index

- call ApplySettings at a more correct place

- add missing small freeze pane icon

- store PDF FilterConfigItem options in dispose.

- give this command a saner name

- avoid use of already disposed control

- crash in base report - right click in page header section

- wrong bit mask for BrowserMode

- fix invidsible menu in Base

- partially Revert "crash on layout of novell622972-2.html"

- fix stack-based MessBox allocation.

- after MailMerge print, plain std print is not possible

- AutoFormat: Crash when using an existing name

- default to transparent text background

- add Tigrigna (Ethiopia) [ti-ET] locale data

- unset a dying childwindow as the active window

- impress Crash when click on Transition icon in sidebar

- start Center: Use a different icon for Recent Files

- avoid layout recursion differently

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