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KeePass 1.37
Dominik Reichl - Free Software
1.89 MB

Free open-source password manager, easily manage all of your different passwords and account details with only one password or key file.

Two-factor authentication is supported and passwords can be imported from dozens of other password managers, making KeePass the best password manager of all. Manage passwords easily with the intuitive and robust interface that lets you organize accounts by type (eMail, Network, Banking, etc).

KeepAss can automatically fill out website forms with a simple key combination, making it super easy to log in to all of your online accounts. KeepAss also features multi-user support, so that multiple profiles can be used on the same machine.

Your passwords are safe inside of KeepAss, which even encrypts the passwords while they are in memory. They are also hidden from any type of password revealing utilities.

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