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Java Runtime Environment
Java Runtime Environment (32-bit)
Oracle - Free Software
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# Bug Fixes

* client-libs

- isModalityTypeSupported is not handled correctly

- NullPointerException in BasicTreeUI when a node is removed by expansion listener

- JScrollBar does not show up even if there are enough lebgth of textstring in textField

- Wrong tooltip location in Multi-Monitor configurations

* core-libs

- (props) System.getProperty("") should return "Windows 8" when run on Windows 8

- (props) System.getProperty("") should return "Windows Server 2012" for Windows Server 2012

- InetAddress.getLocalHost performance need to be fixed

- Add more logging to HTTP protocol handler

- Proxy-Connection headers set incorrectly when a HttpClient is retrieved from the Keep Alive Cache

- Make sure that a connection is still alive when retrieved from KeepAliveCache in certain cases

- (so) NIO channels with IPv6 on Windows

- TimeZone.getDefault() slow due to synchronization bottleneck

- Deadlock in jndi ldap connection cleanup

* deploy

- Java Control Panel does only allow a maximum of 1000 MB of Disk Space for storing temporary files

- Applet throws AccessControlException sporadically while reading user.home

- legacy_lifecycle applets get destroyed prematurely

- "getprintjob" hangs in old plugin

- Random SHA1 digest errors when using Java Web Start with JarDiff

* hotspot

- Unaligned stackpointer leads to crash during deoptimization

- Wrong results from basic comparisons after calls to Long.bitCount(long)

- os::print_os_info needs to know about Windows 8

- Possible JVM deadlock in ThreadTimesClosure when using HotspotInternal non-public API

* install

- Windows license link location changed again

* other-libs

- Race condition in CORBA code causes re-use of ABORTed connections

* security-libs

- REGRESSION: CertificateParsingException for CRL Distribution Point with blank

- Jarsigner -verify fails if rsa file used sha-256 with authenticated attributes

- Comprehensive backport of kdc timeout infrastructure from jdk7

- Support SunMSCAPI Security Provider in Windows 64-bit releases of JVM

- SSLSocket connect times out instead of throwing socket closed exception

* tools

- Start position is wrong for package private constructors

* xml

- High lock time for

- DocumentBuilder.parse(String uri) is not IPv6 enabled. It throws MalformedURLException

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