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IsoBuster 2.7
Smart Projects - Free Software
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# Changes:

* Support for interleaved files in the ISO9660 / Joliet file-system (rare but it can happen)

* Support for Right to Left reading languages and their optimized language dlls

* Proper print functionality from the View/Edit text window (formatting, copies, collate etc.)

# Improvements:

* Hard coded ignore of drive "HUAWEI Mass Storage" which is a USB modem with CDFS and which returns drive type CDROM, but it behaves badly and causes crashes

* Implemented *.cwk file-type recognition for found files based on their signature

* Ctrl-p (Print) and Ctrl-s (Save) implemented in the View/Edit text window

* Implemented ability to read raw on DVD in [Business] mode when the disc is Blank (some rare drives allow this on readable media without TOC, but they return user data, which is then remapped to raw by IsoBuster)

* Program start-up speed improved by skipping network drives to avoid long delays

* Create MD5 of image filename dialog improved

* Various other GUI improvements

# Fixes:

* In rare cases, on Windows OS with particular settings, the program would start with an "Invalid code page" error. This has been fixed

* Fixed issue that made the online check occur despite the user saying No

* Fixed it so that the nag screen doesn't show at the first try

* Fix in CueSheet handling to better deal with image files containing different block sizes per track

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5.43 MB
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