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Hamachi VPN Service for PC Windows
LogMeIn, Inc. - Free Software
8.72 MB

LogMeIn Hamachi is a VPN service that allows devices to securely network together, as if they were on the same LAN. Hamachi is a managed hosted service that can be configured and maintained securely through the web.

Hamachi Virtual Private Networks can be connected through a centralized gateway, a hub-and-spoke style with access to only subsets of the network, or as a mesh network where each client system is connected together as one network entity.

Naturally, Hamachi encrypts the communications throughout the system using strong 256-bit AES. Centralized access control can also manage network access and usage, passwords, authentication, and membership. Individual networks and clients can be given access controls and custom default settings configurations. Hamachi is a great system for office settings, business use, home users, gamers, and anything else which could benefit from easy and secure LAN sharing.

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