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Google Earth
Google Earth for PC Windows
Google - Free Software
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A tool for exploring, view satellite imagery, galaxies, different planets, oceans, maps, and other terrain. Navigate large data sets of photographs and 3D maps, data is constantly being added and updated.

If you have ever used Google Street View, then you will have an idea of what Google Earth is. Major cities have been mapped out and detailed 3D models are available of them which allows you to fly through and explore using Google Earth. There are a myriad of other features as well such as oceanography, sky view, historical imagery, mars and lunar exploring, and navigation.

Many people have used Google Earth for educational purposes, and for things such as city planning, disaster area exploring, planning trips and mapping out hikes for GPS units, researching developing countries, etc. Google Earth is also fully user extensible, through Keyhole Markup Language, and users often share their discoveries on blogs and internet forums.

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