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File Transfer
FileZillaFileZilla 3.36.0
7.48 MB
Free FTP client that is fast and reliable. FileZilla is open source and allows you to transfer and manage files through FTP, FTPS, and SFTP.
DropboxDropbox 56.4.94
85.48 MB
Dropbox is a online file storage service and utility that allows you to put your files onto the cloud and access them from other devices.
Google DriveGoogle Drive 2.34.5036.4228
118.32 kB
Synchronize files between your computer and the Google Drive storage service. Documents are automatically saved to the cloud to prevent data loss, and the edit history is kept int...
OneDriveOneDrive Build 18.131.0701.0007
25.23 MB
Cloud storage client for service from Microsoft that offers several gigabytes of free storage, formerly known as SkyDrive. Desktop application allows greater functionality compare...
WinSCPWinSCP 5.13.4
9.72 MB
SFTP, SCP (Secure Copy) and FTP client used to transfer files to a remote computer. WinSCP also acts as a remote file editor, with automatic uploads of the file whenever the file...
Internet Download ManagerInternet Download Manager 6.31 Build 3
7 MB
Download manager, can manage downloads and increase speed. Supports all major browsers and includes many features such as downloading and saving YouTube videos. Speeds up downloa...
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