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Dexpot 1.6.14 Build 2439
Dexpot GbR - Free Software
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Allow multiple virtual desktops in Windows, so you can keep separate workspaces and switch between them quickly.

You will be able to open up all of your applications as normal, but you can keep all of your work separated by saving the state of your open programs and windows into a virtual desktop. This allows you to be doing word processing and editing work with all of your applications open for that, and then at any moment switch to another desktop with a different environment of, for example, web browsing, chat, and games.

Dexpot allows up to 20 of these virtual desktops at once. There are also usability features, such as a scrolling display of all open windows inside of a virtual desktop that is accessible on the taskbar. You can even bring up a fullscreen preview of all of your desktops at once, with each virtual desktop shown in a zoomed-out box tiling your screen.

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