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Desktop Customization
WindowBlindsWindowBlinds 10.74
54.39 MB
Skin the Windows graphical user interface, personalize the look and feel of window frames, controls, the start button, taskbar, and desktop. Thousands of skins are available on Wi...
DexpotDexpot 1.6.14 Build 2439
5.05 MB
Allow multiple virtual desktops in Windows, so you can keep separate workspaces and switch between them quickly.
RainlendarRainlendar 2.14.3 Beta 158 Customizable Calendar for PC
20.8 MB
Rainlendar is a desktop calendar that keeps all of your important tasks and events always visible to you. Rainlendar is highly customizable and will help you keep your life better...
ObjectDockObjectDock 2.20 Desktop Organizer for PC Windows
19.82 MB
ObjectDock is an animated dock that lets you easily access and launch applications, files, and shortcuts. Effects and customized styles can be applied to ObjectDock to fit your pr...
FencesFences 3.09 Desktop Organizer for PC Windows
12.12 MB
Fences is a desktop tool that will automatically organize your desktop items. It can hide unused icons and makes it easy to put icons into organized fences away from each other.
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