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Comodo Internet Security
Comodo Internet Security Firewall + Antivirus 3.9.95478.509
Comodo Group, Inc. - Free Software
72.25 MB

* NEW! Multilingual Support: CIS now supports other languages

* NEW! Stateful File Inspection for Realtime Virus Scanner

* NEW! Integrated In Memory Virus Scanner(i.e. Integrated BOClean)

* NEW! LivePCSupport is provided as a 30 Day Trial

* IMPROVED! Default popup layout changed to the basic layout in order to encourage the use of it

* IMPROVED! Stronger Defense+ protection: New types of defenses are added e.g. Clipboard logging, Keyboard input blocking etc.

* IMPROVED! Keyboard and Screen access alerts are improved and number of false positives are reduced

* IMPROVED! Stronger Defense+ protection while the Windows is Booting/Shutting down

* IMPROVED! Stronger Default Firewall policy in order to better hide from attackers(Thanks to feedback from our forum moderator Ronny)

* IMPROVED! Configuration Management window is changed

* IMPROVED! Submission functionality for the Quarantined items added

* FIXED! Avntivirus heuristics does not detect some files properly

* FIXED! Defense+ BO protection incompatible with Spy Swepper virus scanner.

* FIXED! CIS does not validate digital certificates properly

* FIXED! CIS blocks some application from being executed

* FIXED! BSOD while CIS is being uninstalled

* FIXED! CIS does not detect some types of shellcodes upon a BO attack

* FIXED! CIS erroneously reports buffer overflow attacks for some applications under certain circumstances

* FIXED! CIS does not scan spcially created RAR files properly (, first reported by Thierry Zoller)

* FIXED! CIS creates duplicate file name entries for some protected file access alerts

* FIXED! Right click scanner reports "Antivirus Engine is not initialized"

* FIXED! Threatcast registration does not work properly(This bug caused some users unable to see TC statistics)

* FIXED! CIS occasionally crashes while submitting the files

* FIXED! CIS firewall drivers sometimes cannot be restored by the diagnostics utility

* FIXED! CIS did not scan NTFS streams during manual scanning

* FIXED! Windows Logon Screen is shown when CIS is installed under certain circumstances(Windows created a password bug)

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