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Comodo Internet Security
Comodo Internet Security
Comodo Group, Inc. - Free Software
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Comodo Security Agent could not be started.

Comodo Application shortcuts could not be deleted, renamed or moved.

IP4 and IP6 entry names could be distorted.

Some of Windows XP PCs could not download updates.

Cygwin fails at post-install scripts and apps like Dash, Bash become unresponsive / consume abnormal CPU usage.

In Containment settings, checkbox 'Do not show privilege elevation alert' was selected after clean install, it should have been de-selected by default.

Some users reported that Windows firewall was disabled even though they installed Comodo Antivirus rather Comodo Firewall.

File Lookup Service(FLS) could fail in some cases.

Trusted vendor list could see reduced list of entries for CIS versions older than v10 in last major update.


“Pseudo File Downloaders” file group has been updated with additional entries for: *\cmd.exe | *.bat | *.cmd for enhanced security. This file group is referenced in 3rd "Run Virtually" rule set.

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