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CCleaner 5.56.7144 for PC Windows
Piriform - Free Software
20.27 MB

Use CCleaner to clean your PC of temporary files, registry keys, and other data to un-clutter your computer and protect your privacy. After running CCleaner, your computer will be faster and more secure.

Cleans all areas of your PC including the temporary files, cookies, history, and other miscellaneous data that your different web browsers leave. Remove all of the temporary files and log files, as well as the recycle bin and recent documents on your computer. Many third party applications leave behind junk files as well, such as Microsoft Office, eMule, Windows Media Player, and more, which CCleaner will clean. There is also an advanced registry cleaner that is able to remove unused and old data in the Windows registry.

The best part is that CCleaner will clean all of this fast, taking normally just seconds to run! As an added bonus, rest assured that there is NO adware or spyware included with CCleaner.

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