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Blender 2.76 RC3
Blender Foundation - Free Software
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# Fix:

- Eyedrop picking objects inconsistently

- Crash when rendering halo flare

- Knife cuts fail away from center

- Boids crash w/ random rule selection

- ShapeKeys Lattice by the driver, problem updates in new depsgraph

- Bake normals multi-res crash

- Multiview: fix Image Editor not showing Views menu when rendering non-stereo Multi-View camera rigs

- Cross effect strip input fields can't be changed (in its properties panel)

- Boid goal object that has a force field set to 'Every Point' shape causes crash

- Fix node auto-offset to left broken

- Fix file browser not sorting file list when opened from editor menu

- Fix crash reporting render errors during baking

- blender internal lights in exclusive light group wrong in viewport

- switching between textures in texture buttons not updating preview

- "Select parent" if there is no parent doesn't work correctly

- Cycles: Fix wrong particles min/max calculation for point density

- Blender Internal: Fix regression in point density texture

- Windows: File Browser Crash while listing big folders in preview mode (fonts, images...)

- Cycles bake normal map

- Armature: No more possible to rotate a bone with only its tip selected, in EditMode

- Can't select an object with OpenSubdiv enabled

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